10 Things I Love About Disney's Hollywood Studios

Happy 25th to Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

Disney's Hollywood Studios
Disney’s Hollywood Studios

My columns usually talk about best-in-business practices at Disney. But it’s the Silver anniversary for one of the most popular theme parks in the entire world. It’s time to celebrate. On this date 25 years ago, Michael Eisner stepped forward to declare:

The World you have entered was created by The Walt Disney Company and is dedicated to Hollywood–not a place on the map, but a state of mind that exists wherever people dream and wonder and imagine, a place where illusion and reality are fused by technological magic. We welcome you to a Hollywood that never was–and always will be.

I have been there hundreds of times with my family. We have enjoyed everything from Hunchback of Notre Dame–the Musical to Superstar Television to Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles. In no particular order, I’ve captured 10 of the things I love most about Disney’s Hollywood Studios:

1. Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular!  Still amazing–and fun–after all these years.

2. The Brown Derby. Cobb salad and grapefruit cake in a luxurious setting. Need we say more?

3. Size. My feet aren’t as tired as they are when I walk the whole of Epcot or Disney’s Animal Kingdom. This park is doable!

4. Citizens of Hollywood. The best streetmosphere and improvisational street comedy this side of the Adventurer’s Club–or either side, since that club no longer exists.

5. Neon Lights. Especially after a late afternoon storm. Glowing in the reflection of wet streets of Hollywood and Sunset Boulevards. Beautiful.

6. The Great Movie Ride. Some may argue whether it needs an update. But as is, it’s a well-done attraction showcasing everything from Mary Poppins to John Wayne to The Wizard of Oz. In fact, it’s not just well-done, it’s great!

7. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Perhaps the best non-coaster thrill ride ever imagined. Probably the best themed attraction ever imagined.

8. Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream. A fitting tribute to the man who started it all–and the mouse that helped.

9. 50’s Prime Time Cafe. A step back in time to formica table tops and peanut butter and jelly shakes. It’s enough to make you forget to eat your vegetables.

10. Star Tours. Great ride that’s now even better than ever. I only hope that an even bigger Star Wars galaxy is not too far, far away.

What are your favorite things about Disney’s Hollywood Studios? Share that with us.

And as you’re exiting the park, know that if you are someone who really loves the heritage of Disney, Hollywood, and of all things at Walt Disney World, you may want to consider my newest book, Disney’s Hollywood Studios: From Show Biz to Your Biz. It’s the most comprehensive volume ever written about this park. And it’s brand new–just in time for this week’s anniversary celebration. Check it out!

And hooray for Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

J. Jeff Kober

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  1. Don’t forget about Muppet-Vision 3D, Toy Story Midway Mania and Fantasmic. Those are amazing features of DHS too and make that park even greater.

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