The Treasure is In the Details: Shanghai Disneyland Treasure Cove

The Treasure is In the Details: Shanghai Disneyland Treasure Cove

One of the reasons that Pirates of the Caribbean since it opened in 1967 is my favorite attraction is because there is so much attention to the details. I’ve been on it literally hundreds of times and in four different versions across the globe–and yet I still see new details from time to time. Imagine that the attraction was not only taken to the next level, but that there was an entire land supporting that attraction. That’s what we are looking at in this podcast. The real gems in Treasure Cove at Shanghai Disneyland is in the details. We look across the land and at its signature attraction to get a taste of all that. In the process we see something that not only takes the film series involving Captain Jack Sparrow to a whole new level, but something that pays homage to the original Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. Join us on this voyage as we visit Treasure Cove at Shanghai Disneyland to see the treasure in the details.

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The following are images that support the podcast:

One Land: Five Neighborhoods

There are five neighborhoods within the circled area that makes up Treasure Cove: (1) Entry; (2) Shipwreck Shore ; (3) Landlubber Landing; (4) The Village; and (5) Fort Snobbish (home to Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure).

Let’s go through each to discover the treasures:

1. Entry

We begin at the outskirts to the Entry of Pirates Cove at the intersection of this land and Fantasyland.

Scuttle’s Shiny Things

The best way to see the area that makes up the Entry is perhaps by jumping aboard Explorer Canoes

Scull Rocks

Skull Rocks in the water. Not just one…but many…

Explorer Canoes–Iguana in the waters of Treasure Cove & Q’olari River.

Skull Throne

This photo opportunity plays off of the 2nd Pirates of the Caribbean Movie, Dead Man’s Chest. Note the skeleton theme. It plays out here…alot!

2. Shipwreck Shore

We are greeted in Shipwreck Shore by reminders of the risk being a pirate…

Poor Pirate Pete violated pirate’s rules as follows: 

  1. Cheating in card game 
  2. Using a rusty machete as weapon
  3. Using Captain’s hook to play the accordion

The sign Pete is holding says “I am sorry, I made a mistake.”

Shipwreck Shore also reminds us of the danger of sailing your ship to close to rocks. That’s the setting we find here. But the real treasures here in Shipwreck Shore involve interacting with water–and a whole lot more skeletons! It’s a little comparable to what you find on Tom Sawyer’s Island at Disneyland, but at a much bigger level.

3. Landlubber Landing

Siren’s Revenge

The centerpiece of Landlubber Landing is the ship Siren’s Revenge, which is a walk-through interactive attraction. The map is laid out here:

The Song of the Siren’s Revenge relates particularly to Captain Gibbs:

Mao Kun Map

The Mao Kun Map, is also referred to as the Map of the Land of the Dead is a Chinese allegory map, used to find mystical and unknown lands.

Poorly Matched Figureheads

4. Village

We move to the Village which is full of restaurants, shops, services, and is home to el Teatro de Fandango. Here’s what the critics are saying about the latest show: Eye of the Storm:

C. Turner Portraitist

We know Bill Turner and Will Turner and even Henry Turner, but who is C. Turner?

A Splitting Headache

Vice Admiral Twit

Looking out toward the sea, the irony of this statue in Mandarin is that it says, “Help me, I’m lost!”

On the backside it says, “Eat at Barbosa’s!”

Hidden Mickeys & Skeletons

Look below for the Hidden Mickey. Do you see it?

It’s easier to see it in the following image. Now look at the skeletons to the right. These are from the Silly Symphony Series, Skeleton Dance. Skeletons can be more common than Jack Sparrow himself in this land.

Jack’s Been Here

A common theme throughout the land is that Jack has been around to no good around Treasure Cove. We see the results of that below in the ship manifesto.

Barbosa’s Bounty

Barbosa’s Bounty looks like it’s taken an architectural cue from Admiral Boom’s home in Mary Poppins.

Cast References Inside

More Cast References Outside

5. Fort Snobbish

Fort Snobbish is the home for Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure.

Dedication Plaque

Note the date below. Seems familiar….

Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure Interior Queue

More Captain Sparrow

And Still More Captain Sparrow

Cast Member Credits


Stables Include references to:

  • Maximus from Tangled
  • Bullseye from Toy Story
  • Achilles from Hunchback of Notre Dame
  • Frou-Frou from Aristocats
  • Khan from Mulan
  • Philippe from Beauty & the Beast
  • Angus from Brave
  • Horace as in Horace Horsecollar
  • Old Dobbin from Main Street Horsecars
  • Abu from Aladdin
  • Major from Cinderella
  • Jaq from Cinderella
  • Gus from Cinderella
  • Captain from 101 Dalmations
  • Spot is written next to Captain, and then is crossed out with Jack’s name in place

Map Room

This map room has Disney Legend Ken Anderson as the Cartographer.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure Attraction

The Dog Has the Key

The Skeleton Council in the Caverns

Jack Sparrow is at the Helm

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