6 Magic Kingdom Lands–6 Best-in-Business Ideas, with Claudemir Oliveira

6 Magic Kingdom Lands–6 Best-in-Business Ideas, with Claudemir Oliveira

In this Disney at Work post and podcast, I’m joined by my good friend and colleague Claudemir Oliveira, of the Seeds of Dreams Institute. Together we visit all six lands of the Magic Kingdom and in each land we share a story about best practices at Walt Disney World that you can apply back to your organization, whether you are in the public, private or non-profit sector. Claudemir and I were both associated for many years at the Disney Institute, and over the years we’ve brought hundreds of guests through the streets of this park sharing best-in-business practices. We share those with you as we visit the Magic Kingdom.

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Our podcasts shares stories from each land. But you can find the key concepts from each below:

Souvenirs for Your Organization

As with most all of our Disney at Work podcasts, we offer some complimentary souvenir ideas you can take back to your own organization:


  • How do you consider your customer flow–not just physically, but virtually?
  • How do you navigate your customer experience?
  • What is the story your products and services are telling?


  • Who is your customer?
  • How do you design the customer experience to the needs and requirements of that customer?

Liberty Square

  • What are the conversations happening around your water coolers (liberty trees)?
  • What are the formal and informal conversations your people are having?
  • How does the culture inform your communications?


  • What does “Naming the Sheriff” look like in our organization?
  • When we “Print the Ticket” what commitments have we made?


  • What are your guests’ expectations? Not yours–but your guests’?
  • How are you listening to those guests?
  • Where do you find synergy in all the products & services you provide?

Main Street, U.S.A.

  • How do you build on your heritage? How do you remember your roots, your traditions?
  • How can your foundation propel you toward your future?

Claudemir Oliveira

My thanks for Claudemir joining us on this podcast. A native of Brazil, his enthusiasm is contagious. Claudemir is founder and president of Seeds of Dreams Institute, a company dedicated to the searching of strengths in people and corporations. You can find more about him at Seeds of Dreams. Look for video segment of he and I together on this podcast on YouTube.

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