Sorcerers of Tomorrowland? Of Fantasyland Forest?

There has been lots of conjecture as to why there is no Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom in Tomorrowland. Some have thought that perhaps the reason there was no Sorcerers in Tomorrowland was that perhaps Tomorrowland was going to be going through some major renovation. My sources say that simply isn’t so. Truth is, they have planned on a Tomorrowland version of Sorcerers. They know where everything is going, and they’ve mapped out what that looks like. But with changes in time frames and budgets they opted not to implement the game in that area of the park. That’s largely because of all of the sections of the park, the game seems more “out of place” than it did elsewhere. But that only resulted in it being omitted this time around. If this gaming experience continues to show its popularity, it will go in at some point in the future.

The same is true of the new Fantasyland Forest. There is an edition of the game that could be eventually played out there. But that is a while to come. First you have to get the entire area up and running. And with expected crowds to be very strong in this part of the park, operations will be hesitant to have additional crowds playing that game adding to the numbers on that end of the park. Will it happen? Possibly. But not too soon.

Other things to know about the interactive games Disney is creating:

1. Most know that Phineas and Ferb are replacing Kim Possible at Epcot. Work on that should get underway in about two months with the changes being made some four months after that. There will be changes made to some of the props used in that game–largely because they are tied directly to the Kim Possible theme. But the phones will remain because the experience is sponsored by Verizon.

2. After Phineas and Ferb are doing their thing, expect attention to go to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Resort where Russell and Dug from Up will be part of the interactive game there. There is no time frame yet announced. But it is in the works and some have seen beta testing of this going on at the park.

3. Expect to see some tweaks to the device used on the Menehune Adventure Trail at Disney’s Aulani Resort. These tweaks are intended to improve the quality of the experience.

4. Did you know that Woody almost didn’t make it to the Sorcerers card set? The original card had Woody in the foreground with Slinky Dog in the background. Disney lawyers saw it and said they couldn’t use the card because Slinky Dog requires approval and/or royalty from Hasbro, which they didn’t have.

5. Don’t have a particular card for Sorcerers? Would you like to see how the card plays out, even though you don’t have it in your possession? No worry. Go to a site like and download a card from their pile. Shown on your Smartphone, the technology will read the image just like you were holding the actual card. By the way, that same site will show you the original Woody with Slinky Dog on the image. It’s why they have two Woody cards shown on that site.

6. Expansion packets for Sorcerers are on their way–for a price of course. These will be waterproofed, plasticized cards.

Finally…while this doesn’t have anything to do with interactive games per se, some have wondered what is going on with the Test Track renovation. Yes! It’s going to happen. But there’s been some question as to whether the time frame allotted for making the changes was sufficient. Imagineering feels they need more time to complete the overhaul. Therefore, they are re-looking at the time frame for doing the work needed.

J. Jeff Kober