Disney-MGM Studios at 35: Lessons & Insights from Opening the Park

Disney-MGM Studios at 35: Lessons & Insights from Opening the Park

It seems hard to imagine that Disney’s Hollywood Studios opened 35 years ago! The first park to open under the leadership of Michael Eisner, the Disney-MGM Studios as it was known then has a storied past. How it got started, why it became the way it did, and how it competed with Universal Studios is the stuff of movie legend. Join us as we look at how an idea became Walt Disney World’s third theme park; how it struggled to move from a half-day concept to a full-day park experience; how it came to add the MGM name; how it sought to imitate Universal and how Universal in turn sought to imitate Disney; and how the park was so popular in its first weeks of operation that it turned away guests before it even reached its official opening time. Join us as we learn lessons and insights from the opening of Disney-MGM Studios 35 years ago!

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Podcast Topics:

  • The Power of a Good Idea
  • Link Up with Good IPs
  • Don’t Be the Competition–Be Ahead of the Competition
  • Build It and They Will come

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