Disney at Work Podcast #6: Lessons From Disney–And Vice Versa!

Disney at Work Podcast #6: Lessons From Disney–And Vice Versa!

With Special Guest Doug Barnes of The Season Pass Podcast

We have a new episode of the Disney at Work Podcast we think you’ll enjoy! We had a great time chatting with Doug Barnes of The Season Pass Podcast about Lessons From Disney – And Vice Versa. If you love all things regarding theme parks, you don’t want to miss this episode. He, along with Brent Young and Robert Coker, have a terrific podcast, and it was our honor to have Doug be our first guest on our Disney at Work podcast.

We chatted about two topics:

  1. What lessons could other theme parks learn from Disney?
  2. What lessons could Disney learn from other theme parks?

It may or may not surprise you that we spent more time with the latter question than the former. But we did spend quite a bit of time chatting about our insights to both questions, so we’re actually breaking this podcast into two episodes. The second half will be released soon.


Here are a couple of images that round out these ideas we spoke of during the podcast:

Lessons From Disney
A picture on display at Knott’s Berry Farm showing Sunday dinners being made for long lines of visiting guests.
Lessons From Disney
The view from the Puss In Boots coaster attraction at Universal Sentosa, shows not only a hotel in the distance, but an aerial tram that takes guests from the island to the mainland. Photo by J. Jeff Kober. A sign of things to come at Walt Disney World?
Lessons From Disney
Entrance to Ikspiari, the “Downtown Disney” to the Tokyo Disneyland Resort. Photo by J. Jeff Kober.
Is the new Guardians of the Galaxy attraction really different, or is it just lipstick on a pig? Photos by J. Jeff Kober.
Red Rose Tavern at Disney
A salute to all those who love to hunt, but mostly Gaston, at the Red Rose Tavern at Disneyland. Photo by J. Jeff Kober.
Lessons From Disney
Entrance to Hyperspace Mountain at Hong Kong Disneyland. Not the same as Disneyland. Photo by J. Jeff Kober.


Here’s a couple of podcast links we referenced to in this episode:

Jeff did an episode on The Season Pass called The Disney Way. It’s number 155 and can be found here.

Jeff and David discussed David’s WDW Communication Class. It’s number 165 and can be found here.

We mentioned The Season Pass’s interview with Mark Eades, and his experience in trying to get The Timekeeper ready for park opening at Disneyland Paris. You can find that here.

We talk about the overlay done to Pinocchio’s Village Haus when it was transformed into Red Rose Tavern. Here’s the link to our article and Facebook Live post.

Lessons From Disney: Souvenirs For Your Organization

From this episode, we have some important souvenirs for you to apply in your organization:

  1. Immerse your guests/customers. Remove the distractions from the products and services you offer.
  2. Create the entire experience. Don’t just focus on the product or service.
  3. Don’t just put lipstick on a pig–Create value.
  4. Get to market sooner.
  5. Don’t wait to make quality better.
  6. Don’t lose your heritage.
  7. Don’t wait for your competition to surpass you.
  8. Don’t be so right about your rules.
  9. Cut out the dog and pony show.
  10. Get guest/customer input.
  11. Consider outsourcing to attain the best of the best.

Some of these lessons from Disney and vice versa points will become more obvious in our second half of the episode, so make sure to check that out as well. And thanks for joining us! If you like our podcast, please share a positive rating and/or review. And please subscribe, so you know when other episodes are available.

J. Jeff Kober

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