John Carter At The Studios

"John Carter" Logo

I saw John Carter this evening at a special preview held for annual pass holders at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. I thought this movie was great!

I, of course, am no film critic. I am no fan of the series. Nor do I really make a very good sci-fi geek. In fact, I didn’t quite get Star Wars until I finally saw it. And then I thought it was terrific, though I didn’t quite understand it all the first time I saw it. I felt a little the same way as I watched John Carter. I didn’t get it all, but I think this movie is really terrific.

I saw all the official trailers. They were not impressive. I even cringed. That said, I wasn’t very impressed with most of Pixar’s trailers before the film came out, and I loved those movies. I’ll also say that because it’s a Disney film, I was really hoping it would be a good movie and that Disney would be successful. But I was cheering on Disney’s The Black Hole in hopes that it would do well, even though it was obvious that it wasn’t when I saw it. So you can imagine how thrilled I was as this movie unfolded.

I especially applaud Andrew Stanton who both provided the screen direction and also served as screenwriter. He gave me the confidence and hope that this film would be as good as his other Pixar efforts like Finding Nemo. In the book, To Infinity and Beyond!, he noted, “Getting to make a movie is such a massive privilege; so few people get the opportunity to do it to begin with, and the number of people who get to do it again is even smaller. So every time you get that chance, you should be doing everything in your power to make it the best damn thing you possibly can.

I think Stanton has achieved excellence. Go see John Carter! This movie is so worth your time!

P.S. If I were Disney, I’d spend money on building an attraction based on this film over Avatar.

J. Jeff Kober