The Haunted Mansion & the Spirit of Compromise

The Haunted Mansion & the Spirit of Compromise

The Haunted Mansion is one of the most beloved attractions ever created for a Disney theme park. It has entertained millions since its original opening in 1969 at Disneyland and has been in one form or another in Magic Kingdom, Tokyo Disneyland and Disneyland Paris. What makes this attraction work is the creative compromise that Disney Imagineers sought to put into it over the years. We talk about that compromise rare among artists–and how one has to jump “off the page” if you are really going to create an experience as timeless as this one. Because it is beloved, a new Haunted Mansion film came into the theaters. This has not been the blockbuster the Studio hoped it would be. We’ll spend a little bit of time conjecturing why this might be. Let’s look at the Haunted Mansion and how Creative Compromise is not really, that scary. We believe that you’ll find takeaways for you and your organization as far.

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If you’re not familiar with the original Haunted Mansion at Disneyland, check out this video.

Creative Compromise

In the end, the creative compromises that were made on the attraction not only served to make it a better Guest experience, but it has made the attraction both timeless and popular. Sometimes you have to use a little creative compromise. It can be interesting to see where other great ideas can be married to yours if you can do the following:

  • Avoid the obsession with being right in your view and others being wrong.
  • Spend more time thinking about how to bring everyone’s ideas to the table than making sure your ideas win out
  • Build trust not only in each other, but in the idea that the best ideas can prevail if you let them simmer to the top.

And What About The Haunted Mansion The Movie

Curiously, the movie for all its weaknesses does present a team of people who individually all bring something to the table–or in this case to the mansion. Here are my key thoughts:

  1. Is there a need for a Haunted Mansion movie–much less a second one?
  2. The justification for such a film is tied to the successful Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. But that’s story and setting is much bigger than simply a French Quarter mansion
  3. There are so many details that are so tied to the film, much authentic than the first, though the first had very detailed and impressive sets
  4. They did a very interesting job of explaining both architecturally different mansions in DL and WDW
  5. The first film offered a great deal as well, but like this film, it was okay
  6. I wanted to really care for the cast–at times I felt they were just dialing it in
  7. Who outside of those who have been to the Mansion many times really care about this film
  8. Why is it that as a big fan of the Mansion don’t really care about this film?
  9. Spend your money to go see Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

Souvenirs for You and Your Organization

  • How do we reach consensus or compromise as a team?
  • the outcome while everyone comes together?
  • Can I obtain a greater outcome when we work it through until there is a consensus or compromise?
  • Do I lead for consensus?
  • Where do we allow people to work past the borders of the page into ideas that could never be held on a page?

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