New! Jungle Cruise Adds New Theming to the Queue and Attraction

New! Jungle Cruise Adds New Theming to the Queue and Attraction

The Jungle Cruise at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World has been a little slower completing its renovation than Disneyland, but what it offers is fun and so worth checking out. Not only have there been major changes made to the attraction, but there are changes to the queue as well. We’ll discuss all of this and how it compares to the Disneyland version. We’ll then share some other Jungle Cruise offerings as well. So climb aboard this Disney at Play podcast.

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Here are just a few of the props that have been added to date:

  • New signage out front–and new signage to come with the addition of
  • Storage containment area holds food & supplies–perhaps sponsored by Coca Cola, because there’s a lot of bottles of coke.
  • The office now looks like it’s being shared by Frank and Alberta Falls.
  • Crates referencing A. Falls, for Alberta Falls.
  • Man eating plants in cages, perhaps from the collection of Leonard Moss, a botanalogist from Nova Scotia.
  • A memorial wall made up of life savers, with tributes on each.

By the way, have you ever noticed the box that has labeled on it CBS News? That is the most random prop in the entire collection. It’s been there a while, but still it’s kind of different.


It seems that in the end there are seven new scenes that make up the Jungle Cruise here at Magic Kingdom. Some are different than the ones at Disneyland.

  1. The missing pygmie scene across from the boa constrictor is now a canoe rental location. Not sure how many got the original joke.
  2. A new set of adventurers are “up a tree” thanks to the angry Rhino. You’d think after all this time someone would get the point.
  3. Hippos have destroyed a sinking jungle cruise boat.
  4. Five Monkeys have taken over the cruise boat deserted by the the adventurers now up the tree.
  5. Two chimpanzees have also done a butterfly release at the entomology camp
  6. New this week is a golden cobra idol holding a glowing gem. This takes over a previous monkey Buddha style statue.
  7. A new outdoor gift shop and photo stand has taken over for Trader Sam’s

For a chance to see how it compares to Disneyland visit the following link:

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Photo by J. Jeff Kober.

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