Tom Morris & Hong Kong Disneyland

Tom Morris & Hong Kong Disneyland

We have created our fourth and final podcast of our interview with Tom Morris. In the previous weeks we’ve had a chance to discuss creativity and imagination with Tom as it relates to his contribution to Journey Into Imagination. then we spoke of several lessons learned from his time spent working at Disneyland. Afterwards we moved on to Disneyland Paris. Today we’ll talk about Hong Kong Disneyland and some of Tom’s current projects.

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Hong Kong Disneyland

We spoke of one particular project Tom worked on, The Plaza Inn. Below is the poster art:

Restaurant attraction poster for Plaza Inn.

And here is a picture of the entrance:

Plaza Inn Restaurant, Hong Kong Disneyland. Photo by J. Jeff Kober

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Recognizing Others

I love the work that Tom is doing to uncover some of those artists whose contributions have not been as fully recognized as others. In particular, he mentions Roland E. Hill. IMDb does a little bio on him, and The Mouse Museum did a little feature on Sleeping Beauty, and how Roland’s relationship with Walt led to developing Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland.

Speaking of Sleeping Beauty Castle, There’s a wonderful little pine tree planted out front of the castle.

With it lies a plaque, Genus: Artisticus Species: Rymanus. It’s a sweet homage to Herb Ryman, who did the original conception of Sleeping Beauty Castle when he laid out the entire look of Disneyland. But I would also like to see other trees and landscaping features that honor other artists who contributed to the genius that lies under the banner of Walt Disney.

Souvenirs for Your Organization

  • Is someone who does their job really well, the right fit person for managing others in their role?
  • How can you identify talented people in their occupation, who with support, could eventually take over positional leadership opportunities?
  • How are you capturing your heritage and those who have contributed to the organization?
  • How are your recognizing the work of others–especially those who don’t often receive the credit?

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