Major Disney Cruise Line Happenings

Major Disney Cruise Line Happenings

Our previous podcast spoke of so many things happening in 2021 across Disney Parks globally, that we didn’t have time to do justice to the Disney Cruise Line. While things are moving at a glacial pace compared to the reopening of the parks, they are moving notwithstanding. We look at a number of video presentations done to include new TV spots, a new announcement of the Cinderella statue on the Disney Wish, plus Port Canaveral explanations of what it will take to get ships in operation again. We will also take a look at some fantastic improvements that have been done to Terminal 8, DCL’s terminal. So join David Zanolla and Myself as we share some interesting insights about what is happening on the Disney Cruise Line.

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What we see in Disney’s commercial, Let’s Dream:

  • Guests with masks in public areas such as at the atrium windows
  • Guests without masks dining at the table
  • Servers with masks and clear face shields
  • Guests enjoying the AquaDuck without having to wear a mask
  • Disney characters like Minnie and Disney face characters like Princess Tiana making appearances, but not with anyone else in the picture
  • Visits to Castaway Cay, or as they phrase it, Private Island Paradise
  • Individualized shore excursions
  • Fireworks at dusk

Disney Wish was showcased Christmas morning. In that brief presentation, Cinderella was presented as the formal statue of the ship’s Grand Hall.

Let’s focus on the image of the Grand Hall:

Image by Disney

Other notations from the video:

  • A bright gold statue of Cinderella
  • A lit shelf style unit behind her stretching the wall and filled with objects and statues, like one of Moana holding a spear
  • No real entrance to the restaurant that typically is found behind her. Nor do you have any steps up except for the statue.
  • Royal blue carpeting with fleur-de-lis style branches or droplets emanating in different directions. Pink flower blossoms add accents
  • Gold railings
  • White crystal chandeliers
  • White or beige walls with white crown moldings and gold trim
  • Clear pastel glass between the branches or droplets in the railing
  • A stairwell that stops on the second floor before proceeding to the third floor
  • A large black and white sketch or rendering of the Prince and Cinderella dancing on the second floor
  • fleur-de-lis style designs on the ceiling and/or under the stair railing
  • White pillars that stretch out on the ceiling with either light white trim, or possible white trimmed lighting running from bottom to top

It is a classic, but contemporary feel similar to what I feel the lobby of the Riviera is like. More to come, but what you see is quite promising.

Terminal 8 Renovations

Also discussed was reconstruction and additions made to Terminal 8.

Image from Port Canaveral.

Included is the following:

  • Extended Arrival Canopy
  • Extended Plaza
  • Expansion of 1st Floor Arrival Hall
  • Removal of Ticket Counter with More Seating
  • Renovation of Terrazo Floor Mural
  • New Passenger Boarding Gangway

What was a $47 million dollar budget became a $36 million, with deferments that could come back.

CDC Guideline Implications

Port Canaveral has shared a number of things about re-opening according to CDC guidelines. Some of these may change between now and November 1st, but here are some highlights:

  • This will be a slow build up
  • Certification is per ship, not per cruise line
  • Shipboard Testing Process–Ability to test for COVID for passengers and crew onboard the ship
  • Simulated cruising before revenue gathering can happen. One or more times
  • No cruises longer than 7 days
  • New port agreements on how many ships can be in port at any given time
  • Crew members will not be able to get on or off the ships until CDC Conditional Sail Order is over on November 1st

By the way, not discussed with David was the work being done on Terminal 10 that will include LED Screen technology that will make the terminal tied to the ship docked in its port. Also, despite what we say in the podcast, it appears that work is being done to improve the bottom floor luggage area.

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