Disney Cruise Line Sets Sail For The First Time in Over a Year From Port Canaveral: Embarkation Day

Disney Cruise Line Sets Sail For The First Time in Over a Year From Port Canaveral: Embarkation Day

We join David and Leah Zanolla as they prepare and step aboard the Disney Dream for the first cruise since the pandemic began. We’ll talk about all the new requirements made of both passengers that have and have not been vaccinated. David & Leah will step aboard to see how things have been modified as the ship takes off on embarkation day. They’ll share their impressions not only of the ship and staff, but in context of cases of COVID rising here in Florida. At the same time, news has come out that Norwegian Cruise Line won in court as a Federal judge invalidated Florida’s rule that bars businesses from requiring proof of Covid-19 vaccination from their customers.

Oh…David and Leah stayed prior to their trip at Disney’s Polynesian Resort. So they’ll chat about the new Moana-style rooms.

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You will want to check out David and Leah’s videos on Facebook. Between those and our conversations, here are some highlights

  • Check in started around 12:45 for all.
  • It took them 35 minutes from bag drop off to stepping into the terminal
  • Those vaccinated were separated from the start
  • No one came into the terminal until their status was assured.
  • It was difficult to assess how long it took for unvaccinated individuals as David and Leah were already vaccinated and separated from that group.
  • The new port remodel was huge and improved
  • The experience in terms of flow and process was better than the standard process, and should be utilized after the pandemic
  • Announcing families still occured as you boarded the ship. As you stepped in you were assigned a dot. Mickey and Minnie did a little 3+ minute welcome, which was a sort of replacement to the bon voyage show.
  • Afterwards each family was assigned to complete the muster drill individually and online.
  • Their key was waiting for them in a sealed envelope. The room was also sealed Hilton style
  • Lunch was late by the time they reached Cabanas, but was very similar in style to before. Servers used tongs
  • They sat on the back balcony at Cabanas where only two couples were sitting. It was very intimate.
  • There seems to be still two dinner dining shifts, but the arrival times for those shifts are staggered
  • It appears that the ship was only a 1/3 full
  • The ship left port just after 7:30 this evening.
From the Port Canaveral Webcam.

Ready to Cruise?

Hopefully this podcast has made you excited to set sail with the Disney Cruise Line. David and Leah with Out the Door Travel know Disney in ways few do and they can make your next trip on land or sea an exciting one! Be sure to contact them as you explore your next vacation. There is no charge to utilize their services, but it will save you enormous time getting all the details right, and with their insight you can be assured you’re going to experience the best trip possible. Contact them today!

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