Celebrating 100 Years of Disney and More at Disneyland

Celebrating 100 Years of Disney and More at Disneyland

It was a privilege to experience Disneyland as it takes center stage in celebrating the 100th anniversary of Disney. This is what the 50th anniversary for Walt Disney World should have looked like! We chronicle all of this, but we also talk about other fantastic events happening. Rogers the Musical is really worth seeing, and San Fransokyo is well underway. Indiana Jones has been re-touched with more chills and thrills than I’ve ever seen in the many years I’ve been. And then there is the newly revised Mickey’s Toon Town. Join us as we canvas Disneyland and Disney California Adventure on this the 100th anniversary of the Walt Disney Company!

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Here are images and videos that support today’s podcast. Also, we have included an outline that we cover in greater detail on the podcast.


  • Weather
  • Rental Car vs. Lyft/Uber
  • Customer Service is Comparable to Disney Cruise Line
  • The Park was Beautiful
  • Attractions Operated Really Well–Indiana Jones
  • Tiana’s Underway
  • Crowds were Busy but Not Overwhelming–Toy Story Lot
  • DAS vs. Genie+
  • Last Time was 4th of July

Rogers the Musical

  • Three Ways to Attend
  • Not a Super Hero Show–But a
  • Need to Listen to the Music
  • Perfect Compliment to Avengers Campus
  • Should Continue for Some Time

San Fransokyo

  • Pacific Wharf Before & Monterrey/San Francisco Elsewhwere
  • Busy Signage
  • New Food Menus
  • Hiro & Baymax meet ‘n’ greet still to come
  • Ghirardelli Goes San Fransokyo

Mickey’s Toon Town Rebooted

  • Toon Town is Beautiful–A Brighter Color Palete
  • Toon Town is More Peaceful
  • Toon Town is Functional
  • El Capitoon Theatre and Lobby
  • Toon Town is Busier Than Ever
  • This is a Better Home for Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway
  • Subject of Another Podcast

100 Years of Disney Celebration

  • Bunting & Medallions Everywhere
  • Mickey & Gang Costumed
  • Retail Everywhere
  • 100 Years Exhibit
  • Wondrous Journeys
    • Medley of Hercules, Hunchback, Moana
    • Blue Fairy & Baymax Soaring
    •  “Dos Oruguitas” 
    • Just needs a Taller Castle
  • Magic Happens Parade
    • Originally Not Impressed
    • Moana Wave Projections
    • Coco Dogs & Marigolds
    • Merlin & Arthur–If Only There were Robin Hood
    • Sleeping Beauty
  • World of Color 1
    • Begins with Elemental Piece
    • Not Your Typical Songs
    • Pocahontas
    • “I’m Not Fine” from Encanto
    • Soul Jazz Piece
    • Mulan Avalanche Piece
    • Moana Heart of Te Fiti Dive
    • Star Wars & Avengers
    • Walt Disney Quote at the End

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