Time for Pirates–Time for Service

In the first few months of operation, The Pirates League has quickly became the place for would-be pirates to swear an oath to good-fun buccaneering. Here you choose a name, choose accessories, and choose the right kind of pirate look. But how long does this transformation take?

As long as the sands pass through an hourglass. What do we mean? Adjacent to each chair is an hourglass. That hour glass allows Cast Members to pace themselves as they create the makeup and transformation.

Stephen R. Covey noted that the key is not in spending time, but investing it. As the sands slip out of the hourglass, every grain counts in creating a great Guest experience. Once the time has slipped, the opportunity is largely gone. Given the investment people make in joining the Pirate’s League, time matters.

Ask yourself:

  • How do you measure time?
  • How do you maximize the time you have?
  • Does limiting time make you more creative about how you use that time?

J. Jeff Kober