The Wayfinder Society: Our Patreon Group

The Wayfinder Society: Our Patreon Group

A Patreon Group For Disney Fans

We are offering a new program where you have the opportunity to enjoy exclusive offerings from Disney at Play and Disney at Work. Join us as we introduce our new Patreon program, the Wayfinder Society, intended to give you new insights to all things Disney, whether its work or play. I am truly excited to share this new opportunity with you and look forward to creating new experiences that you will enjoy whether at home or at the Disney parks. Join us!

Joining the Disney at Work & Play Community

We offer four tiers for becoming a part of all that we offer. The first two, Explorer and Discoverer, are associated with Disney at Play, and are focused on the fun facts and excitement that all of us enjoy as Disney fans. The second two tiers, Navigator and Adventurer allow you to experience our world class learning & development solutions for bringing best-in-Disney concepts back to your organization. Let’s look at each tier:

Our entry level support tier, which includes Patreon recognition on episodes, starter early access and access to awesome Disney at Play Discovery apps. For $5 a month you receive:

  • Our Personal Appreciation
  • Special Mention During the First Part of Each Show
  • Access to One Disney at Play Discovery

The Second tier of our benefits, which include all Explorer tier items plus, exclusive podcasts, YouTube videos and access to ALL Disney at Play Discoveries, with one new one every month! At $10 a month you receive:

  • Exclusive Disney at Play YouTube Videos
  • Access to all Disney at Play Discoveries 
  • Exclusive Monthly Podcasts

Below are two examples of one of our Disney at Play Discoveries:

From our first Disney at Play Discoveries: Pandora, World of Avatar. Available to all levels in The Wayfinder Society.

The Navigator tier gives you all of the previous tiers, plus access to All Disney at Work Interactive Tours and Exclusive Disney at Work YouTube videos! Note that the Navigator and Adventurer tiers include learning & development opportunities that can be justified as a business expense. At $25 a month you receive:

  • Exclusive Disney at Work YouTube Videos
  • Access to All Disney at Work Interactive Tours

The Top of the line Tier, unlocking all of the previous benefits, plus adding exclusive training, podcast hosting opportunities and more! Again, note that the Navigator and Adventurer tiers include learning & development opportunities that can be justified as a business expense. For $35 a month you receive:

  • Access to Excellence and You Learning Modules from Performance Journeys
  • Participation Opportunities in Upcoming Podcasts

Below is an example of some of the interactive content those in the Navigator and Adventurer levels receive. It includes interactive maps, stories, photos, videos, audio and souvenirs you can take home in the form of new ideas for your workplace.

An example of our Disney at Work Interactive Tour Series available to Navigators and Adventurers!

NOTE! For those at the Adventurer and Navigator levels, consider your contribution as a business expense, as these offer strong training and development content for organizations in the public, private and non-profit sectors.

An Opportunity to Give Back

Know that a portion of your Patreon donation is going to Embrace of Celebration, dedicated to helping those who are struggling the most during this pandemic in terms of unemployment. Many of the people they serve are former Disney Cast Members as well as other workers that support the hotels, restaurants, travel and more in this community.

We want you to know that not only will you receive something of value joining us, you’ll have a chance to offer something to others.

Volunteers supporting the work of Embrace Celebration.

Please Join!

Please visit Disney at Work and Play on Patreon and join us! We promise that what you give you will find value, not just in the giving, but in the offerings we will deliver exclusively to you.

In all my podcasts I quote Alan Menken’s song from Sinbad’s Storybook Voyage at Tokyo Disney Sea. “Follow the Compass of Your Heart”. This is that moment to do so. I promise you’ll be blessed as you do and you’ll find value in doing so. Thank you for joining us on this podcast. Please visit us today on Patreon.

J. Jeff Kober