New Video of Shanghai Tron as Magic Kingdom Makes Progress

New Video of Shanghai Tron as Magic Kingdom Makes Progress

Tron Construction Goes Vertical

Disney announced this week that the new Tron ride at Magic Kingdom is beginning to take shape. As the first steel columns raise into the sky, anticipation is building. Let’s take a look at what Tron looks like at Shanghai Disneyland.

Now, take a look at the progress being made on this exciting new attraction::

Video Credit: Disney.

Tron is coaster-style attraction which allows riders to board a train of two-wheeled Lightcycles for a race through the digital frontier. It is set to open during in Tomorrowland during the Magic Kingdom’s 50th Anniversary in 2021.

Tron in Shanghai

It’s hard to understand what’s coming out of the ground at this point in the construction phase. Let’s take a quick look at the finished work as we check out Tron in Shanghai Disneyland:

Tron show building during the day. Photo by J. Jeff Kober.
Guests will board a light cycle train as they ride through the attraction.
Riders traverse the grid as they are flung out into the outside. Photo by J. Jeff Kober.

As you can see from the video, the lights and action of the lightcycles will truly change the kinetics of Tomorrowland. This is going to be a stunning attraction when it opens, as well as a fun ride to experience.

Tron in the distance of Tomorrowland at night. Photo by J. Jeff Kober.

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