New! Lessons From Epcot: In Leadership, Business & Life

Lessons From Epcot: In Leadership, Business & Life

I’m very excited about my newest book, Lessons From Epcot: In Leadership, Business & Life.

Available as an iBook, Walt Disney’s greatest vision, Epcot, comes alive with powerful best-in-business and best-in-life insights. Originally available as an app, it is dedicated more than ever to being a showcase for new ideas, filled with stories, examples, and illustrations based on the heritage, themes, and concepts that have made Epcot at Walt Disney World truly one of the most remarkable places on earth. Not a travel book, nor a “tell all” essay, Lessons From Epcot is designed to inspire those who enter with new paradigms for work and play.

“If you can dream it, you can do it!” is the thesis of Epcot. Here is the instruction manual for doing so. As a former leader with the Disney Institute, I have worked with organizations directly for nearly 20 years to help them create powerful brands and high performing organizational cultures. If you love Epcot, you’ll enjoy the insights, but this study of Disney is beyond just the fun of visiting the parks. I bring real-world ideas to people who are looking to bring create a better world of their own.

From Spaceship Earth to The American Adventure, Lessons From Epcot shares little-known insights that will inspire all. After all, that’s what Walt Disney wanted to do when he first conceived this idea of an Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. And we bring you those stories for your discovery so that you can build your own tomorrow.

To download your copy, or to view a sample from this iBook, visit us on iTunes!

J. Jeff Kober

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