Magic That’s Going to the Dogs

A few years ago when you checked your favorite pet into one of the the Kennel Clubs at Walt Disney World, they would sometimes provide a particular guest with a certificate that read:

Walt Disney World Resort
Kennel Club
Hosted by Friskies
It is with the greatest pleasure that we proclaim
has been an outstanding Guest
and is hereby awarded this
Certificate of Distinguished Merit
Note that the ribbon in the design stated that the pet was an official V.I.P. or Very Important Pet.
I wouldn’t be surprised if there are a few of these hanging in the homes of pet lovers across the country. Certainly many are found in photograph books. It was just another way Disney took time out of their day to make a pet owner feel special.
I don’t know if the new Best Friends Pet Care facility at Walt Disney World offers a similar certificate. They do offer V.I.P. Suites with a flat screen TV and a web cam. But the certificate was intended more for the pet owner than for the pet. It’s another way Disney has tried to create Magical Moments for the millions of guests who have visited.

J. Jeff Kober