Disney+, Mulan, & Embracing Change

Disney+, Mulan, & Embracing Change

The Walt Disney Company announced its decision to release their new live action film Mulan on its new Disney + premium service. Both Disney+ and Mulan represent two ends of a spectrum where one initiates change and where one is dictated by change. We look at the decision behind both the streaming service and the choice to release the film as a premium pay option. While both are examples of outside forces impacting its business, it’s not Disney’s only foray into change over the last century. We look into the legacy to keep moving forward amid change, the key milestones in that heritage, and what lessons can be learned as you respond to change in your own world.

You can find our podcast here on PodbeaniTunesSpotifyMyTuner, and ListenNotes. We’ve included the complete narrative on the podcast, but we have listed the takeaways from this podcast below:

Souvenirs for Your Organization

Consider the following questions as they relate back to your organization.

  • What has been your organization’s history with embracing change?
  • Are you dictating change, or is change dictating you?
  • What is the last change you have embraced?
  • Do you question the status quo?
  • What new opportunities are out there that you haven’t taken advantage of?
  • What will you do to “keep moving forward”.

More Leadership Insights

There’s more insights like this, not just from one leader, but from nearly 100 leaders that have defined the Walt Disney Company over the years. From Walt Disney, to imagineers, to animators and performers, the company’s success has been made real by the labor and leadership of not just a CEO, but of so many. Learn those lessons of leadership when you read.

Disney, Leadership and You
Disney, Leadership and You, written by J. Jeff Kober.

J. Jeff Kober