Closing Procedures at Dervish and Banges

So often you walk into a shop or store, and you see employee policies and/or procedures listed openly for all to see. It’s an example of how the back of the house should be separated from the front of the house.
However, at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, they’ve chosen to make fun of such processes. So in clear view, you can see what the closing procedures are:
  1. Lock all doors.
  2. Flip the “Open” signs to “Closed”.
  3. Assist any remaining customers and escort them out the door.
  4. Double check the lock on The Monster Book of Monsters! –You know what happened last time.
  5. Extinguish all lights.
  6. Exit the store.
  7. Cast a Security Spell.
Think about your own workspace. What are the kinds of things your customers should or shouldn’t see?

J. Jeff Kober