Check out last Weekend’s Dapper Day Fun at Walt Disney World!

Check out last Weekend’s Dapper Day Fun at Walt Disney World!

Headed to Walt Disney World this weekend? If you are a typical vacationer, you might find yourself a little under dressed. The semi-annual Dapper Day events which were held this past weekend. Dapper Days is an event which started in February 2011 by LA designer Justin J. Dapper Day encourages participants to dress up in sophisticated attire. Everything from vintage style apparel to contemporary flare is encouraged. You might even find active and military members dress in service uniforms. Dress up a little or dress up a lot. Of course your ticket into the parks is all that is needed to just enjoy watching the amazing style wandering the parks around you.

The ladies having a photo with Justin J., founder of Dapper Days. Photo courtesy of Madeline.

Arriving Saturday afternoon, one could see snazzy dressed guests making last minute adjustments to make up and attire. Clearly, some of these ladies and gents have gone all out for this glamorous day of fun.

Photo courtesy of Eyrn.

So what’s it like hanging out at a theme park, dressed to the nines? Do you actually jump on Space Mountain with your parasol in tow? We asked a few Dapper Day participants about what their day looks like:

Photo courtesy of Whitney.

Eryn: “I ride everything on Dapper Day! That’s part of the fun! Ride pictures are adorable when you’re Dappered out.” Whitney: “We ride all the rides and love people watching. It’s so fun!” Casey: I definitely see it more as a day to see friends and enjoy the company (as well as take pictures). I like to take it as a day to do things I don’t typically- like the slower rides and events!”

Photo Credit: Casey.

Want to participate and need some tips before you go? Check out Brittany Lee’s ideas on Instagram. She really has it nail down. So skip on over to the parks in your nicest garb or dress caj and enjoy the day, along side the fashioned guests. Its fun!

Photo Credit:Lexie Michael Kaitlyn Sarah

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