Big Changes Announced to the Core of Epcot Future World!

Big Changes Announced to the Core of Epcot Future World!

At D23 in 2017, the image above was shown without any discussion. I had heard that most of the Innoventions/Communicore buildings were going away because of long-term roof/ceiling problems. But until today there has not been any explanation given. Today announcements were made to include the following upcoming closures:

  • Club Cool
  • Mouse Gears
  • Electric Umbrella
  • Innoventions East to Include Colortopia and Nanooze Break
  • Epcot Character Spot
  • Fountain View: Starbucks
  • Pin Central
  • Art of Disney
  • Removal of Fountain of Nations

Here is where things will apparently move to:

  • Pin Central will be in a temporary location before moving permanently in the Camera shop place.
  • There will be a temporary location soon to be announced for retail with MouseGears.
  • Club Cool will re-emerge apparently in a revised form but it’s uncertain where.
  • Starbucks will also appear in a temporary location before moving a permanent location. Neither location has yet to be announced.
  • A new dining option will come to Electric Umbrella, though what it will be has not yet been stated.
  • Art of Disney will move to Heritage Manor at the American Adventure pavilion.
  • Minnie Mouse will move to the World Showcase gazebo.
  • Daisy will move to the American Adventure.
  • Mickey Mouse will appear at Innoventions West at least temporarily, though plans are to apparently move him to a new location in the Imagination Pavilion
  • Goofy will also appear at Innoventions West temporarily. Long term has not yet been disclosed.
  • Joy will also be sent to a new location yet to be announced.
  • Winnie the Pooh will move to the U.K. pavilion.
  • No word on a fountain experience, but the graphic depicts something far beyond the original Fountain of Nations and in a different locations.
Fountain of Nations. Photo by Disney at Play

All of this is part of a massive re-imagining of not just Epcot, but so much of Walt Disney World. Visit our “What’s Coming to Walt Disney World” to see more than 60 new projects coming to Central Florida. You may also want to visit “What’s New to Walt Disney World” to see a complete listing of all the new attractions that have been introduced in the last two years. Combined you’ll see well over 100 new projects that have been brought to Walt Disney World.

J. Jeff Kober

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