Episode 22: 6+ Processes That Are Critical to Opening Galaxy's Edge

Episode 22: 6+ Processes That Are Critical to Opening Galaxy's Edge

Welcome to Episode 22

The above entrance to the new Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is an entry point to our latest podcast. We want to again look at the upcoming Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. In this more abbreviated Business Magic Moment format, we look at the challenging processes such as queueing into Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. You can find the podcast here on Podbean and here at iTunes.

In Episodes 19-21, we spoke about the 6 Ps and about the Promise and the People as it relates to  Galaxy’s Edge. In this podcast we want to focus on the third of the four delivery systems, Process, which means the polices, procedures and rules that guide the guest experience.

The Six Ps

Souvenirs For Your Organization:

  1. Think Through Your Processes
  2. Spread out the Demand
  3. Make the Waiting Fair
  4. Occupy the Wait
  5. Be Prepared to Provide for Exceptions
  6. Learn From Others—Create Continuous Improvement

+   Learn From Your Mistakes. We have a great example of this from opening day at the Mark Twain. Check this post out to learn more.

To really see all the details coming to Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, be sure to subscribe to our website. There you will see under the Overview section videos of Cast Members finding out they’ve been selected to work at Galaxy’s Edge. There’s also much, much more. It includes interactive maps, hundreds of photos and images, and details about the most anticipated Disney theme park experience.

You can know more about these concepts and how it can tremendously effect your customer experience by checking out our new book, Lead With Your Customer. You can read more about the book here, and you can order your copy today here.

J. Jeff Kober

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