Disney at Work Podcast #4: Disney Behind the Scenes

Disney at Work Podcast #4: Disney Behind the Scenes

Thanks for joining us for the fourth episode of the Disney at Work Podcast where we discuss what’s going on behind the scenes at Disney! We’ll head throughout the Disney parks to talk about places few ever get to see. You can find the link on iTunesSoundCloud, or TuneIn.

Some of the things we chatted about on today’s episode include:

Disney Behind the Scenes
Utilidor underneath Main Street U.S.A. at Magic Kingdom.

Your Disney at Work Souvenirs

You may be wondering how your organization can benefit from learning about what goes on behind the scenes at Disney. Here are a few takeaways from this episode that you’ll want to consider implementing in your own organizational culture:

  1. Maintain the Magic for Your Guests
  2. Provide a Place for Employees to Let Their Hair Down
  3. Provide Resources to Support the Guest Experience Employees Behind the Scenes
  4. Make Those Facilities Accessible to Employees
  5. Message the Culture
Disney Behind the Scenes
Step off point for the parade, and the site line in the road. Photo by J. Jeff Kober.

As always, don’t forget to listen to the trivia moment at the end of the show and if you think you know the answer, drop us a line at podcast@disneyatwork.com for a chance to win a copy of Jeff’s book, The Wonderful World of Customer Service at Disney. Have you been backstage at Disney? What fascinated you the most? What have you heard that you’ve always wanted to see? Share that with us!

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Thanks for joining us. We have lots to share here at Disney at Work, where the focus is on ideas from the Happiest Place on Earth that you can take back to your workplace.

J. Jeff Kober

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