D23 Park Announcements!

D23 Park Announcements!

Here’s a quick look at the new things being announced and discussed at D23 Expo 2019:

New Epcot Additions & Changes

Epcot has a new logo–well an old logo made new again–and it is re-dividing Future World around themes of World Discovery, World Nature and World Celebration. This takes the burden of being about the “future” off of the front half of the park. The large scale map they show for this overhaul offers some interesting clues:

  1. The tram pick up and drop off is much closer to the parking lot, but is laid out similar to before. That is a contrast from what is currently being seen in photos.
  2. Security is on both sides of the monorail station and is covered on both sides.
  3. No certain sign of where the Leave a Legacy area has been moved to
  4. More plant/tree beds are in front of the ticket booth areas.
  5. A new fountain is in front of Spaceship Earth, perhaps what was the original acrylic fountain. See photo below.
  6. All of what was Innoventions West/Communicore West is completely gone. Everything is open and flows right toward attractions on the West side.
  7. This same area offers a flow of water through it, perhaps where the new Moana attraction is going. That will sit in a space leading to The Seas with Nemo & Friends.
  8. A beam of light extends above the location where the new restaurant is being built at Mission Space.
  9. A new tiered circular green space has been placed roughly in the same space as where the butterfly garden was. This seems to be the festival space, with a green space on the roof as you pass through. It will allow great views of the fireworks beyond.
  10. The gift shops at the entrance to World Showcase do not appear.
  11. No sign of a new country in World Showcase. But also no sign of World Showplace next to the UK.
  12. The fountains shown in the image below seem to be completely missing. The new Illuminations show is in the center of the lagoon, but it does not seem to show an increase in fountains, rather the use of fountains and waters in smaller clusters.
This graphic shown two years ago with its fountains may very well be outdated.

Let’s look at further images that give insight to the larger map:

New entrance way to Epcot.
Confirmation that the fountain in front of Epcot will be returned to its former glory.
More fountains and garden walkways.
This image in Future World shows the use of fountains.
Characters greeting outside of what is the current Innoventions East building.
An interactive tree where guests will touch panels and it will light up various portions.
This image showcases a sort of Mad Tea Party design. These guests are watching…
…Street entertainment that is out and about.
Covered, but outside areas are found throughout.
This Festival Center appears to be in a location approximate to where Club Cool and the Butterfly Exhibit was.
Garden rooftop building on top of what appears to be the Festival center.
Here is an image of broadcasting that would take place at the Festival Center.
In other areas, we find a major icon outside Guardians ride building.
Another image capturing the new Space restaurant, and what guests will be viewing through the outside portals.
Mouse Gears will be remodeled as part of the transformation.
Believed to be a drawing of the revised Electric Umbrella restaurant in its new form.

Journey of Water

The biggest part of the reinvention of Epcot and its central spine will include Journey of Water, Inspired by “Moana.” 

Guests walking through the Journey of Water.

This first-ever attraction based on the Walt Disney Animation Studios hit film, “Moana,” will let guests interact with magical, living water in a beautiful and inspiring setting. 

This model seems to give suggestion as to how that space will be laid out.

More to come!

Disney presented some poster art of old, existing attractions as well as new attractions to come. They have also left two spaces empty for two new announcements. Whether its a new attraction or country remains to be confirmed.

Announcement of something major to come on Sunday.

What we know for sure is that come October, guests will be able to visualize all of the exciting plans for Epcot at a new experience center in the Odyssey Events Pavilion, called Walt Disney Imagineering presents the Epcot Experience. Inside this first-of-its-kind offering within a Disney park, guests will discover engaging and interactive exhibits that allow you to step inside the relentless innovation, energy and excitement and see some never-before-revealed details driving the future of Epcot all throughout this unprecedented period of transformation.

Some had hoped or rumored that the neon hallway from Imagination would be in this exhibit. There is no sign of that being the case.

Avengers Campus

At Disney California Adventure and Disneyland Paris, Disney already shared updates that they’re building immersive Super Hero themed lands. Today, they’ve announced these fantastic lands will be called Avengers Campus.

When guests visit Avengers Campus, they will become part of an interconnected, global story that spans from California to Paris to Hong Kong with the Avengers recruiting new extraordinary people to join them. 

Closer view of the buildings.
The other side of the Avenger’s Campus.
An acrylic model of the campus.
Image of how the space will be laid out at Walt Disney Studios Park in Paris.

New Star Wars Hotel Details!

Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser will be a new, first-of-its-kind vacation experience where guests will check in for a two-night adventure aboard a glamorous starship.  Think cruise ship in space.

This D23 model contrasts the hotel to the Millennium Falcon in size.

Once onboard, guests will interact with characters and become active participants in stories that unfold around them on their galactic journey. Visitors at D23 will be able to see a new model and incredible visuals of the starcruiser – called the Halcyon.

Plus Much More

Throughout the weekend we’ll also hear further details about other already announced projects. Here are some upcoming images:

Model of ride vehicle for Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway.
Poster for the upcoming Zootopia attraction at Shanghai Disney.

Stay tuned as we will share more as we continue through the D23 Expo Weekend!

J. Jeff Kober

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