Embarking on a Last Minute Disney Cruise

Embarking on a Last Minute Disney Cruise

What happens when a Disney cruise you take is longer than the time you spent planning for it? That’s nearly what happened when we chose to go on the Disney Dream with little notice. At the heart of that decision was a change in vaccination policy that allowed our son to board. We’ll go into that and the challenges getting everyone on board. But at the real heart of this cruise was the time we spent with our son as well as our daughter. Such an event led to some activities I really haven’t done before. It also created more 1:1 time with Donald Duck than we have ever thought to spend. Add to that Disney’s Halloween on the High Seas, and all that it entails. Oh…and if you’ve never been on the Disney Cruise Line, we’ll share with you the number one reason more than any other that cruise ought to be with Disney. So join us on embarking on a last minute Disney cruise.

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The following photos are discussed during our podcast:

Two adjoining staterooms with portholes.
Halloween on the High Seas with Donald the penguin.
Our ship enroute to helping a passenger get to a hospital.
The coast guard in action.
More Donald. Lots of Donald!
Donald Duck is #1.

Message from Donald Duck

J. Jeff Kober

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