The Wonderful World of Customer Service at Disney

The Wonderful World of Customer Service at Disney” is a celebration of great business practices that can be applied to your own service organization. See it from the eyes of J. Jeff Kober, who is the foremost thought leader in benchmarking practices at Disney.

Dedicated to those who would love to make their work environment as polished and customer-friendly as a day at Disney, The Wonderful World of Customer Serviceat Disney offers smart ideas and practical solutions for delivering an amazing customer experience. See it from the eyes of J. Jeff Kober, a foremost leader in the best business practices of not only Disney, but some of the great world class organizations delivering superior customer experiences. Whether you are in the private, public, or non-profit sectors, you will find solutions that can help you take your organization to the next level. Order your copy today at

Here’s what others are saying:

“Behind the costumes, the fantasy and the magic, Disney World is a business like any other. And while some may think it is an unlikely business against which to benchmark, in his book, Jeff Kober has clearly demonstrated that it is clearly among the best.

Con-way learned this first hand nearly a decade ago through observation and study of the business behind the magic – and if a transportation (trucking) company can find transferable best practices from an entertainment business, anyone can find the golden nuggets’ that can change or enhance their business model for greater effectiveness. “The Wonderful World of Customer Service at Disney”, is the best resource to support this journey.

Con-way’s view of the role culture can play in business success was impacted by our Disney experience and our best practices have since become a model for other businesses in turn. So, whether your mission is to deliver happiness or freight, a little pixie dust can never hurt!” –Pat Jannausch, VP, Culture and Organization Development, Con-way, Inc.

“I just read The Wonderful World of Customer Service at Disney and it is wonderful.  Jeff has taken all the wonderful wisdom he shared with us and has captured it beautifully and then some in this insightful, easy-to-read book that has so much direct application for all.” –-Sandi Dornhecker, VP, Human Resources, Chicago Zoological Society

“As a senior manager I get what is needed in the delivery of customer service, I believe this book will help me break it down in writing the lessons I teach everyday to our new managers and then on to our front line employees.  I can’t wait for it to hit the shelves, it will become a pocket guide for our organization.” –Mary Lou Willard, Morale, Recreation, Welfare, US Navy

“…Jeff captures the magic of Disney, paradoxically by showing that it isn’t magic at all but the fruit of hard, focused, imaginative, persistent work and attention to minute detail…This book goes into the very specific steps people can take to build customer satisfaction in their own organizations…He communicates joy, delight, and enthusiasm for the Disney model and experience. It is upbeat, positive, informed, specific, and original.”–Chuck Lofy, Lofy & Associates

Find out for yourself! Order your copy at The Wonderful World of Customer Service at Disney is also available on Kindle.