The 3+ Domains of Batuu

The 3+ Domains of Batuu

The entire land you visit is sprawling. In one way, it is easy to be swept up in the intimacies of this attraction. On the other hand, winding streets and passage ways may easily leave you confused as to where you are or what there is to do. For our purposes, we’ll overview this entire new land in 3+ Domains:

1. Black Spire Village Outpost

On the right side of the land is a major outpost. It is a bustling marketplace that offers food & beverage, merchandise, and immersive experiences. Most of the pedestrian experience will take place in this outpost. Beware, storm troopers have arrived and they are looking for members of the Resistance. 

Rounding the corner at Black Spire Outpost. Photo by J. Jeff Kober.

2. Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run

Who doesn’t love the Millennium Falcon? This attraction is a major “E-Ticket” simulator that will allow you to pilot the infamous Star Wars ship. It is the focal point behind the village. It’s tucked away and waiting for you to sign up for this important mission. No question that this will probably be one of the most photographed icons at any Disney park.

The Millennium Falcon stationed at the edge of Black Spire Outpost. Photo by J. Jeff Kober.

3. Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

It just wouldn’t be Star Wars if the war didn’t happen at some point among the stars. Well, know that Rise of the Resistance provides for that. You will have a chance to rise up against a First Order Star Destroyer. They’re recruiting on the left side of the land in the forest glen, beyond the outpost. That’s where the Resistance is hiding and preparing for their next attack. You’re heading to space to help support.

Entrance to the Rise of the Resistance. Photo by J. Jeff Kober.

+ Star Wars Hotel

Those 3 domains are part of Galaxy’s Edge, whether you visit Disneyland or Disney’s Hollywood Studios. But there’s also a plus. If there is one distinct difference between the lands on both coasts, Walt Disney World will house an adjacent hotel to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, themed to the Star Wars universe and accessible directly to Galaxy’s Edge. Details for this will be handled in a separate section as more details become available.

Unique accommodations among the stars. Drawing by Disney.