Storybook Circus: The Positive Press of a Sneak Peek

In the old days, when the circus arrived in town, there was a parade down Main Street that would entice everyone to empty their pockets and come to the circus.

Today that parade is a virtual one, set in a social media world where fan sites like this one offer you a sneak peak at what is coming to Disney. And what better sneak peak to offer than Storybook Circus at The Magic Kingdom. The positive press of these new attractions is helping families to empty their pockets (or pull out their credit cards) in anticipation of booking a trip to Walt Disney World when either the rest of the Storybook Circus is completed (I would guess Summer) or when the Beauty and the Beast and Little Mermaid sections open (somewhere in the Fall).

Of course, a sneak peak only works when the press is good. Storybook Circus delivers good press, because Storybook Circus shows a level of quality that is truly amazing. If you’ve read anything so far on it, you’ve probably will see some of the things I saw. I’ll showcase some of those and some additional details not yet detailed by others.

Stepping off of the train, Disney insiders recognize the Carolwood title from the Carolwood Pacific Railroad title Walt gave to the 1/8 scale miniature backyard train he had in his home.

Carolwood Park--A Fair Weather Place--all topped by the train that thought he could--Casey Jr.
The train station serves as just that, plus a restroom. When completed, you’ll see that it is part of a roundabout that will emerge from the Casey Jr. water play area.
The center of the roundabout still very much under construction. The train site is in the background on the other side of the red fence.
A roundabout has sets of tracks extending outwards from a center. This set of tracks leads right into the train station…
Tracks from the roundabout lead into both portals which then go into the restrooms.
…and then into the restrooms themselves.
Tile laid down on a paver-style floor leaves the impressions of tracks going through the restroom.
You should know that the music around the restrooms are reminiscent of musical favorites during the 1930’s when Dumbo came out, such as “Sentimental Journey”. They all center around the joy of taking riding the rails.
All around the station and elsewhere is evidence of circus animals coming and going as shown in the footprints in the cement.
Camels, elephants, gorillas and more can be tracked around the grounds.
Head around the corner of the station and you can see circus props and baggage. Here’s one showing the feeding buckets of not only Dumbo but several of the gossiping elephants from the film,
Caddy, Prissy, and Giddy suggest the behavior of the elephants who mocked Dumbo and Mrs. Jumbo.
A closer look at the luggage tags suggest an slight honor to Walt and Roy’s father, Ellis during their Chicago years:
While most luggage tags are of more familiar places, this one notes the Kenwood Country Club is located off of Ellis Avenue in Chicago.
Like any circus coming to town, the event is a temporary one. Evidence is given of such here in this sign where sandbags weigh down the sign, just as they would in the circus.
The difference is that these sandbags are very permanent and aren't going anywhere soon.

Here’s a circus sign that is curious:

The Reckless Rocketeer is certainly Out of This World

You see the same rocket has crash landed in the queue.

Part of the imaginative debris found in the queue of The Barnstormer

It seems to be paying tribute to the Rocketeer, which it may very well be. But also note that the name of the rocket is Dolores. Why Dolores? Well, that’s an elephant that appeared with Goofy in two shorts, one Tiger Trouble (1945) but also The Big Wash (1948) where Dolores has joined the circus and Goofy has to give her a bath. Dolores was also seen with Donald and Chip and Dale in WOrking for Peanuts (1953).

Again, many of these are very subtle details, but they tier up to the thought that imagineers have really paid attention to the details.

There are so many details in the craftsmanship and quality of this new exhibit. The center piece of this is the new Dumbo.

Regal, colorful, and water! It's a beautiful thing to behold!

At the entrance to the FastPass booth (we’ll talk about that later this week) is a clock with a subtle feather in it.

We’re still a ways away from seeing the tent that holds most of the queue, but we do see the standby corral. You may not remember the old canopy that housed the queue in the former location.It was just metal and tarp. This is a planked ceiling with plenty of ceiling fans and lighting.

As temporary as is the theme of a circus coming to town, it is designed to last for many years to come.

The story of Dumbo is told around the pedestal of the attraction. And the water seems to come out of something like a golden fire hose? I’m not sure about that. But look at the feathers and peanuts that adorn the pedestal.

There are enough peanuts around this thing that Planters could be the sponsor.

And then there’s the color of the changing lights at night. It really is a wow!

It’s no wonder that the press on Storybook Circus has been so positive. Even though we are only seeing a slice of things to come in the New Fantasyland, it is a getting people so excited about what lies ahead. Every one is talking positive, and every reader is wondering when they should visit.

That’s what positive press can do when you have a sneak peek. It can also be the opposite as well. Join us tomorrow when we talk about what is going on behind the scenes at Habit Heroes over at Epcot.