Of all the lands in Disneyland, there is no land more magical than this one. Yes, Sleeping Beauty Castle is modest in size, but there is so much fantasy packed behind its walls. Furthermore, you don’t have to have a dining reservation and a big bank account to explore that castle. Just step right in, and you’ll see the story of Princess Aurora come to life in a series of vignettes.

Adjacent is Snow White’s wishing well and Grotto. It’s one of the beautiful corners in all of Disneyland. Snow White also has her own attraction.

Fantasyland is the place for meeting Disney characters. Some, like the princesses are available at Fairy Tale Hall.

Still, other characters, like Gaston below, can be found wandering anywhere. Many Disney characters just mingle with the crowd.

Peter Pan is often wandering around, but Tinkerbell has her own little cove to meet guests.

Speaking of Peter Pan, here’s a popular attraction. Dark rides are the order of the day in Fantasyland. They are tucked neatly into a European village. Peter Pan’s Flight is always packed with a line of families waiting to take a ship to Neverland. Because it is so slow boarding, you will want to make it your very first choice in the day if you have the least bit of interest.

But there are other similar journeys as well. Snow White’s Scary AdventuresPinocchio’s Daring Journey, and Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride are truly worlds unto themselves. The latter three were never featured at the Magic Kingdom, and even Snow White no longer exists in that form in Florida.

In the center of this is the beautiful King Arthur Carrousel

Dumbo, the Flying Elephant,

Watch the following video to not only fly with Dumbo, but to get a lay of entire village of Fantasyland:

and Mad Tea Party.

In my top 10 all time favorite attractions is this very modest dark ride like no other. Alice in Wonderland takes you on a caterpillar as you go through the rabbit hole to meet the Hatter, March Hare, and the Queen of Hearts.

In the rear are two unique attractions that are truly Disneyland at its heart. Storybook Land Canal Boats takes you through Monstro the Whale into gardens where miniature recreations of Disney’s fantasy worlds are on display. 

Casey Jr. Circus Train provides the same version via a small locomotive that thinks “it can”. Experience this for yourself in this video of the attraction:

Beyond this courtyard are two amazing attractions that are legends unto themselves. The mighty Matterhornis not only the first Disney mountain, but it’s the first steel roller coaster ever created. With that distinction of being the first comes the reality that this is one bumpy ride. But add a Yeti creature—and it’s unforgettable.

Heading beyond Matterhorn Mountain lies “it’s a small world”. First created for the New York World’s Fair, this attraction truly is the “happiest cruise that ever sailed.”

Hundreds of dolls, toys, and Disney characters come to life with a tune that you won’t soon forget. Better yet, visit at Christmas when you can see Small World Holiday. No one does Christmas better than Disney. And there is no one place that is more joyous during that holiday than this attraction. 

If you’re looking for entertainment, don’t pass up Mickey and the Magical Map. This stage show is worth waiting for, though often it only plays on weekends or higher attendance days.