Disneyland, the original Disney Park, opened in 1955 as the vision of Walt Disney. Walt wanted a place that families could spend time together laughing and enjoying each other, while being able to experience the attractions together.  It offers numerous classic rides, such as Dumbo, Peter Pan, it’s a small world, and The Haunted Mansion. Guests who come to Disneyland notice the intimate feel of the park and often say they can feel Walt’s spirit come to life as they walk through his park and experience his vision.  Disneyland is broken up into themed lands

Main Street, U.S.A.


New Orleans Square

Critter Country



Mickey’s Toon Town


And Disneyland’s Newest Land: Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

If you’ve never visited Disneyland before, you are going to be wowed. That’s because Disneyland is a beautiful, mature park filled with amazing attractions and offerings.

One of the things that makes Disneyland different than the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World is that most of the people who visit “The Happiest Place on Earth” have already done so. More than about 80% of those entering the gates of Disneyland each day have already done so before. In fact, well over a million people have annual passes to Disneyland and go often. Therefore, it’s important that Disneyland stay fresh and offer new attractions, entertainment and other offerings whenever possible.