Disney At Work: Epcot

A hand-held “Innovention” for your business you can order on iTunes!

Disney at Work: Epcot® is filled with scores of insights and hundreds of photos that focus on lessons in customer loyalty, leadership, creativity, and even change management.  Even the biggest Disney fan will find something new they didn’t know before…

From guests waking up to garbage trucks to the opening day dedication, read leadership stories from Walt Disney and others of how Epcot became a reality.

See how a broken fountain in The Land pavilion changed the entire management structure of Epcot.

Discover around-the-world lessons for improving your business from organizations like Goebel, Mikimoto, Kodak, GM, and Coca Cola.

Find out how, through outside contractors, the Norway ride became the “No Way” ride until the “Can Do” teams of Disney’s Central Shops came to the rescue.

Learn lessons in the American Adventure of courage and leadership through the lives of Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass.

Go around World Showcase, from the UK to Japan, from Germany to Morocco to see how different cultures approach time management.

Here are some images from this exciting Notescast app:

The stories and examples come from all throughout Epcot.
Come grab some Fish and Chips at the UK and learn how continuous improvement is pushed down to the front line.
Even from the roofs of China come powerful lessons in leadership.
Here at Spaceship Earth, we see that sometimes creativity and innovation come from even our own garage. 

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