Disney with an Autistic Child

Planning a Disney Vacation with an autistic child? Check out our experience. This lead page explains our experience and leads you to lots of resources. Disney Parks make wonderful vacations. Traveling to the Disney Parks with autistic children can be a joyful but challenging experience. Our autism section shares important tips and heartwarming stories from our experiences. We hope you will find this series helpful in your travels.

Our Autistic Children Grew up at Walt Disney World

We have lived in the shadow of Walt Disney World for over 25 years. And, our 16 and 20 year old autistic children have enjoyed visits to the parks weekly and sometimes daily. So, how do you get your child to comply on a bad day? For us it’s been pretty simple. Of course, you just say, “If you go to school, you can go to Walt Disney World.” You would think that with such a great carrot, we would never have trouble motivating them to eat their vegetables or go to bed or to school. In reality, for many years the promise of reward was not something they understood. I would like to say that after years of experience managing their challenges, I have all the answers. In truth, as they grow older, there are just more questions on how to help them manage the world ahead of them.

The miraculous family photo of 2007. Rose and Andy, our autistic children, were
not crazy about getting their picture take in the early days.

In creating a Disney Fan site, autism helps and tips became a priority. So, we decided to create a section devoted to helping families with autistic children manage the Disney Parks. On vacation, you should be able to just enjoy the moments. But, for parents of special needs kids, those moments take a lot more work. My hope is that we might be able to shed some light on how to maneuver your special kiddo through a Disney Vacation. Please feel free to comment. Share with us other ideas that have worked for you. Additionally, feel free to ask questions. If we don’t have the answer, we will find one. If you would like updates on new posts, please like our Facebook page.

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