A Glimpse Inside Be Our Guest

Final winter pines were placed in recent weeks near the castle on the hill.

This morning on the second day of dress rehearsals for the New Fantasyland at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, we get to see a glimpse of the new Be Our Guest Restaurant. Crowds rushed in to get a sense of what’s inside the mountain. While no food and beverage is being served, there was a great “taste” of things to come. Let’s take a look. We’ll start from the approach and go on into the mountain.

The anticipation begins from afar as you approach the mountain and cross the bridge.
The restaurant's sign at the entrance of the bridge.
The use of water here is extremely effective in setting the scene. Note the volume increases in a "forced perspective" way just as you experience it at the mighty Matterhorn at Disneyland.
It can be a little confusing as to the time period here. I would assume that this is a statue going to the "before transformation" point. But other murals indicate a "post transformation" point of time. Either way, it's really gets you excited for what lies ahead.
These gates with this sign was up yesterday. Now they are wide open. Let's go in!
The main entry from the mountain into the restaurant.
Not good on mythological creatures, but this one focuses on a lion and a ram.
This beautiful mosaic tells the story of how the prince became a beast.
Another magnificent mythological creature, just not sure what. Still, both creatures at the entry suggest a post-transformation time period as opposed to the gargoyles prior.
Welcome to Be Our Guest! The first room is an entry. It's followed by a foyer. And then beyond lies the ballroom.
This beast of burden stands sentinel between the entry and the foyer. Again, more pre-transformation than post in my thinking. But definitely they modeled my abs correctly.
Beautiful and unique lighting fixtures are everywhere.
This beautiful full-size mosaic offers a perfect opportunity for Disney photographers to capture a photo of you and your family prior to dining.
Details are everywhere, like these smaller sculptures of the Beast along the upper posts.
This post-transformation bas relief stands between the entry and the foyer.
They foyer will allow those guests waiting to be seated for dinner to await the host or hostess. Clearly the anticipation here is of the ballroom to follow. But you will also find in this nook access to the restrooms.


Tapestries fill the emptiers spaces, much as they are found throughout parts of the library area of the Beast's castle in Enchanted Tales with Belle. Still, it seems to pull both completely separated locations together.


Beautiful, isn't it! Of course, it's a little different than the movie, because we now have hundreds of tables! Indeed, one table was temporarily numbered with an index card as #204. And I'm not so sure that was the last number.


Nice details in the terrazo style flooring.
Lots of ornate molding and the use of minor chandeliers to compliment the three major chandeliers in the ballroom.


A chef speaks to a visitor of some sort in the ballroom. But note the doorway appearing just beyond the column. This is the entrance into the West Wing. On the opposite side is a similar entrance into the Rose Gallery. On this day, we were not permitted to see into either of those rooms, each of which I expect to be about 40% of the size of this room. That's still a lot of restaurant. They say that the Rose Gallery is only to be used for lunch, not for dinner. Either way, it's a lot of restaurant.
Now look over to the immediate right side of the ballroom. While it's difficult to see what's inside, what you are viewing are some of the registers handling the lunch time counter service experience.


Stepping back into the foyer and looking toward the right, you see a hallway that makes a turn to the left at the end. In this hallway are computer kiosks with menus from which you can order your lunch. Then you proceed to the end of the hallway, turn left and make your purchase? Or is it that those wanting to just pay right there may do so at the kiosk. with the others moving forward down the hallway? We shall soon see.
Either way, ordering your meal on a computer kiosk has never been such a regal process. These knights line the same hallway as you journey to order your meal.

This is all they are showing at this point. While I have no inside scoop, I would suppose that they will start serving lunches soon, though I sense it’s still a few more days from being ready. Meanwhile, if you really want to get a sense right now of how this is all going to work, especially around lunch time, then don’t hang out here. Where you need to go is around the corner to Pinocchio’s Village Haus. Unbeknownst to everyone, this is ground zero for figuring out how to accommodate everyone. It began some time ago with locking access from the outside to just one door and funneling everyone into the restaurant through a single line and then directing them to a kiosk to order. However, in the case of Be Our Guest, you won’t proceed to a counter once you make your order and pay. You’ll likely be directed by Cast Members to an available table much like they are currently doing at Pinocchio’s, only I suppose that rather than following someone with a Monstro sign to your table, you’ll be following someone with a Gaston sign.

I mentioned in my review of The Little Mermaid that what I looked forward to most in this was the place making being done in the queue to that attraction. I really had reservations (not literally) around this restaurant. I saw this experience as being crowded in a crazy manner during lunch, and being overly expensive at night. However, based on what I saw today, I am much more optimistic. They have continued creating a consistent, themed experience of a quality just as high as anything you will see at Radiator Springs in Disney California Adventure. I think it will be a memorable experience for all who visit. And I think it’s an important component to the new Fantasyland.

What are your thoughts? Excited to see this new restaurant? Which meal would you rather attend? Which section of the restaurant would you rather sit in? Or maybe you’ll finally be able to get into Cinderella’s Royal Banquet? Share us your thoughts.